Spinners Garden

May 14, 2012

As if one trip to a garden I’ve been wanting to visit for a long time wasn’t enough, as well as taking a visit to Furzey Gardens, we braved the Bank Holiday Monday weather, waited for the obligatory rain to subside in the morning and made our way to Spinners Garden.

I knew I was in for a treat, but little did I know what a special treat awaited me.

For a start, before you get to the nursery part of Spinners Garden, you’re lead by a meandering path through the actual gardens. This nicely whets your appetite for some plant buying when you get to the actual nursery part, but more of that later.

Walking along the snaking path, you’re present with such a natural looking habitat for the plants, trees and shrubs that reside at Spinners Garden that it easy to forget that this in fact a planted up garden for the public. You get a sense of the love for gardening that has gone into creating the tapestry of the garden itself.

Much of the garden is of the light woodland type and among other plants you’ll find acers, hostas, hydrangeas, ferns and rodgersias.

Other less common plants you’ll come across include Trilliums and Erythroniums which are a delight at Spinners Garden. With many less common plants, trees and shrubs, if you’re what I call a “plants person”, you’ll definitely find something that grabs your attention while meandering through garden in the dappled light from the trees which include wonderful Magnolias and Camellias.

After taking our time wandering through the garden with me like a child in a sweet shop, we finally came to the nursery part of the gardens. Having walked leisurely through the garden before getting to the nursery part is such good planning I think because once you’re interest has been piqued in the gardens, you’re bound to want to treat yourself to a goodie or two from the nursery… which is exactly what I did.

For long I’ve admired the cercidiphyllum jap with it’s unmistakeable smell of burnt brown sugar or candy floss (cotton candy). It’s such an elegant tree and like I say, I’ve had my eye on treating myself to one for quite a while.

So, two lovely gardens visited on a lovely Bank Holiday as well as a treat for myself, all in all a great time…

…. and yes… my cercidiphyllum is already enjoying it’s new home, in a new pot in a new garden.

Spinners Garden:
Address School Lane,
nr Lymington,
SO41 5QE



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