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Keita Kawasaki

March 25, 2012

k6.jpgThere’s a Japanese saying that goes along the lines of, “The Great Ocean draws from it’s hundred rivers…”

I think all artists and designers “draw” inspiration from other artists and designers.

Once designer I get so inspired by is Keita Kawasaki.

His techniques of “Flower Design” are just breath-taking.

Keita Kawasaki has established the theory of ‘Japanese Flower Design’ and combined this with his own artistic sensitivity to create today’s school, which is increasingly drawing the attention of people all over the world.

Also, visit Keita Kawasaki’s own website at

Once you’re at his website, simply click on the beetle when he appears from the right side of the screen, turn the sound up a little, and explore his leaf menu…

… and prepare to be inspired…

… whether you can read Japanese or not…





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