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Cat Scratcher From moderncritter

March 20, 2012

moderncritter1.jpgNow these really have caught my eye.

As some of you know, I have pets and I do make provision for the fact that having cats or dogs in the home does require some compromise when it comes to the design and the actual decor within your home.

I’m also a firm believer in ” if you can’t lose it, then use it” with regards to some of the exisiting features within your home.

For example, the outside garage in my last garden had to be incorporated within my garden design as there was no way that it could be ignored. So I designed some mirrored Japanese archway trellising on the sides up which I grew some glorious clematis. Without the garage I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to design such stunning visual treats in my garden.

Now, when it comes to my pets, I must admit that I do have a simple cat scratching post in my living room; although conveniently out of sight from the main living area. Like I say, sometimes you do have to compromise, although these cat scratching home accents from moderncritter really do go for the “if you cant’ lose it, then use it” idea.

Whether I would go as far as utilising one of these cat scratchers from moderncritter into any of my designs would obviously depend on my clients’moderncritter3.jpg briefs.

However, they are rather fetching, don’t you agree?

Together with the fact that some of the designs double up as an “off the ground” cat bed, they really do take designing a room with pets in mind to a new level… in more ways than one!

The patented design of the moderncritter bent plywood cat scratcher is minimal and elegant in form and yet provides more flexibilty in color and configuration than any other modern cat scratcher. Hang it on the wall to create a perch, or lean it up in a corner of your room where it takes up almost no floor space at all. Carpet tiles are easily changeable for the replacement of worn tiles or to customize its look… use colors and patterns to fit your taste, and change as often as you like. 






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