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The Beauty Of Bonsai

January 26, 2012

wwwgardendesignercouk-24.JPGBefore Christmas I noticed that more and more shops were selling bonsai trees and Bonsai growing kits.

Bonsai is the art of growing miniature trees in shallow containers, which originated from China.

Whenever I go to gardening exhibitions, I always marvel at their stunning beauty, it certainly is a work of art creating such a splendid living sculpture.

Bonsai trees are ‘real’ trees so therefore they need to be grown outside, however there are trees that naturally grow in a warm climate that could be suitable to be grown in the dry atmosphere of the home.

There are three main methods of miniaturising a tree. The first is to grow it in a shallow container and to keep it in that same size container. Bonsai trees also need to have their roots pruned.

The top pruning of the miniaturised tree is to achieve the framework and overall shape required.

Top pruning will also produce smaller leaves and help produce more denser foliage.

Even though Bonsai is mainly an oriental passion in Japan and China, you don’t have to use exotic trees as many of our British trees will respond to this technique.

After you have chosen your tree you will need to choose which style and shape that is best suited to the tree’s natural design.

There are several main design styles that a tree can be grown into. Formal upright types have their trunks growing straight and upright. Informal upright types grow to their natural form.

Slanting types grow at an angle, but the branches need to be pruned so the tree doesn’t look lopsided. Cascade styles look as if they are naturally growing cascading downwards on a mountain’s side.

Windswept designs make the tree look as if it has been exposed to strong winds, similar to trees growing in windswept coastal areas.

To achieve many of these shapes and design styles, a wiring method is used. The trunk and branches can be wired and then gently bent into the desired shape with the wire removed at a later stage.

Bonsai is not a short-term hobby and it will take many years and even decades to produce the appearance of a mature Bonsai tree, but the rewards will be tremendous.