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Clematis – By Judy Fenyvesi

April 27, 2012

clematis2.jpgIf there’s one plant that I wouldn’t be without in my garden, then that has got to be the Clematis. This is such a useful and versatile climber and it can give an abundance of colour and vertical interest to any garden.

It is said that you can have clematis flowering for each month of the year. You can have winter flowering clematis, evergreen or deciduous clematis. There are Clematis for both sun and shade and you can choose whatever colour to suit your garden.

Clematis, I think are so pretty and look stunning growing over arches, up obelisks, trellises, walls and trees. Vigorous growing clematis such as the Montana are useful for growing over areas that you would like to hide, such as the garden shed, brick wall or a garage. The evergreen Clematis almandii is also useful for this purpose.gardenblog21.jpg

Clematis are little trouble to grow and give you good value for your money. You can even grow two clematis side by side, one to give you early seasonal colour and the other to give you mid to late summer colour.

The thing that clematis do like is to have their roots in the cool shade so at the base of the plant cover the soil either with a few cobbles, gravel, stone tiles or bits of paving slabs.

There are three pruning groups for clematis, and once you know which group your clematis is in, its simple.

Group one,are the early flowering varieties. These need less pruning that the next two groups. Prune after they have finished flowering around April- May time. Just prune out the dead and weak branches to maintain the vigour and good shape and framework of the plant.

Group two, are the bold large flowering varieties, which include the double, and semi-double petal flowers, and these mainly flower during the summer months. Thisgardenblog15.jpg group will need just partial pruning, so lightly prune back to a healthy pair of buds around February or early March.

Group three, are the late flowering Clematis that bloom from mid-summer until the autumn or even early winter if the weather is mild. This group you prune back hard in late winter to a strong pair of buds about 12-18” (30-45cm) above the ground.

For just a bit of annual pruning, Clematis will reward you with a spectacular abundance of fabulous coloured blooms that will give cheery joy to any gardener.