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The Outside Room…

May 25, 2012

gardenblog782.jpgUnfortunately I wasn’t able to report from there this year due to work commitements. however I was able to catch it on tv and pick up so many hints and tips.

So, on with this week’s blog 🙂

Although many people would like an ‘outdoor room’ to be able to enjoy and perhaps entertain in around this time of the year, not everyone is a keen gardener.

Also, many people are just too busy and simply haven’t got the time or even perhaps the knowledge of how to design their gardens and grow plants so that they look their best and give the best decoration to the “outside room”.

Impatient gardeners want an instant garden and don’t necessarily want to spend hours working in it.

Luckily, a mature looking garden can be achieved by buying large mature plants from a specialist nursery or buying plants that grow fast and putting it all together in a creative way – in other words – garden styling.

A shabby boundary can really let down a garden and generally make it look unattractive, so spruce up a wooden fence with a coat of wood preserving stain or if you want to hide the fence then you could cover it with bamboo, reed or willow screening. This type of screening comes in rolls and you can simply attach it with wire or nails to an existing fence.

If mowing the lawn is too much hassle, or your grass is unkempt and overgrown then change the garden floor. A quick DIY option is to dig up the lawn, lay down a permeable membrane and cover with gravel or decorative stone. You could then place stepping stones for easy access. In addition to this, you could plant some easy-growing evergreen shrubs, just to give some green interest. The gravelled area could also be dressed with decorative pots or some nice chunky rocks or cobbles. So you could go from overgrown tatty lawn to stylish garden in relatively short time with some effort.

Nowadays there are so many attractive hard landscaping materials that can be used to pave the garden with and to make the garden floor more interesting. There is even decking and sleepers available which are actually made of stone and make a longer lasting patio.

The use of ornaments and sculptures are a good way to artistically stylise the garden and add interest. They can be placed to liven up dull emptygardenblog782.jpg spots, used as focal points or even to give a theme to the garden, such as an oriental, Mediterranean or romantic style.

Garden structures, such as arches, pergolas, gazebos and obelisks are very useful to use as they’ll provide height interest and create attractive and distinctive focal points. Finally, a simple water feature will more or less transform any garden instantly and give that finishing touch.

Go for a low maintenance water feature such as a wall fountain or bubble fountain kit and always ensure that you get a qualified electrician to check out the electrical side of things.