I Think It’s That Time Of The Year

August 28, 2012

gardenblog21.jpgSummer always seems to come to an end just that little bit too early and we’re already fast approaching autumn.

Gardeners are always planning ahead anyway, so even though autumn is more or less here already, lets hope we still get some more fine weather this month.

Although summer is coming to an end, it doesn’t mean that there’s any less to do in the garden.

You can still keep the lawn mower handy as the lawns is still going to need trimming regularly until the weather cools down.  As for dead heading the flowers, keep doing this regularly in order to lengthen the flowering time for your plants and some feeding won’t go amiss for your plants too, as this will also help keep them flowering for longer.

While you’re at it, give your hanging baskets some feed as well, as they’re certainly going to need it too.  As well as this, there’s still the hedge trimming and weeding that needs to be done.

September is the renewing month in the gardening calendar and it’s a good time to start planting evergreen shrubs, hedging and conifers while the soil is still warm enough to encourage good root growth and help get the plants established before winter sets in.

I think it’s always so satisfying to get cuttings and seeds from ones own garden and if you haven’t tried it before do give it a go this year.  If you have any pansies, violas or pelargoniums, then now is the time to take cuttings for new plants for next year.

Also around now you can also take cuttings from non-flowering shoots of shrubs such as hydrangeas and fuchsias. Collect the ripened seeds from perennials and other garden plants, and store them away in paper bags in a cool and dry place for next year.

Summer bedding plants will now sadly be fading and past their best, so this is a good time to dig them up and prepare your beds for winter flowering plants and spring bulbs. A light feed of bonemeal can be dug into your soil to give your winter flowering plants a bit of a boost.

If your lawn is looking a little worse for wear by children and pets making the most of it during the summer, then now would be a great time to re-seed the worn areas and to repair the turf.

You can also aerate your lawn by spiking the gardening fork into the turf and this which will promote better drainage, which will in turn improve root development and ease the compacted surface.

As leaves start falling around our gardens, it’s best to rake them up from the lawn to prevent rotting debris and to stop pests and diseases getting established.

If your lawn is beyond repairing then towards the end of the month as the weather gets cooler and wetter will be a good time for sowing or laying a new lawn.


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