A Orchestra Of Colour!

August 17, 2012

wwwgardendesignercouk-18.jpgAs gardeners, we’re always looking forward and planning. We look forward to when our particular favourite plants will come into season. We anticipate when various flowers will go to seed and perhaps collect the seeds for the following year.

We plan for the next season, together with the new phase of plants that will appear in our gardens and we even make plans for our gardens for when we’re away on holiday.

It’s already high summer and it won’t be long before autumn is here with its abundance of gold, yellow and brown colours. However, for the time being, lets enjoy what the month of August has for us with regards to the spectacular splendour of colours that are around us in gardens everywhere.

Around now, many people tend to go for a rich kaleidoscope of colours which bombard the senses, however a part of the garden with a more subdued hue can make a garden look quite exquisite.

I think that it’s a nice idea to set aside a part of the garden where you have cooler colours during this time of the year with perhaps an area with more moody darker colours too. If planning such a cool area, then consider the Hosta “Midas Touch” with its leaves of yellow almost appearing to be dissolving into a delicate light green. Do remember though that it’s not only you who will like this particular plant, but so will the slugs and snails as they regard this plant as a gastronomic delight. Another plant that goes well in a cool area, and coincidentally another slug and snail favourite is the Veratrum Viride, with its lovely lush pleated foliage.

There are such wonderful moody coloured plants around now too. One particular elegant looking climber you can see around now is the Clamatis heracleifolio “Wyvale” with its deep purple flowers and its leaves which are a rich blue tinged green. If you have this in your garden, then remember that it needs to be cut back hard in the autumn and that way you’ll be rewarded next year with a bounty of flowers. Nice light blue coloured shrubs around now include the Hydrangea macrophylla “veitchii” which has nice blue flowers with outer florets of white fading to pink and is suitable to most types of gardens as it is lime-tolerant.

In my own garden I have the Perovskia atriplicifolia “Blue Spire”. This is a wonderfully graceful looking shrub with lavender-blue flowers, aromatic grey foliage and forms a lovely almost translucent mist of blue, especially when blown by a gentle breeze.

Although this time of the year is often the brightest and most colourful in many gardens, why not plan something different for next year with some “moody blues” and some cool tones?

Go on, be daring.


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