“Heaven Scent”

June 27, 2012

dscf0070.jpgI think that our sense of smell can be one of the most powerful senses and one that can stimulate our emotional senses too. The smell of baking bread, the smell of fresh cut grass, the smell of flowers and the emotional effects of aromatherapy can evoke memories deep within us all.

One of the biggest pleasures of a garden around this time of year is the scent of fragrant summer flowers. Scented plants will add another dimension to your garden and will help to create an uplifting mood.

When planing and choosing plants for your garden, take time to not only choose different plants that will give you all year-round interest but also to include scented plants. To enjoy the perfume of such plants, they are often best planted near your seating area, patio or pathway where you can enjoy them.

Consider a pergola archway, draped in Wisteria with its cascading fragrant lilac flowing flowers that bloom in May with its heavenly scent and for mid-summer fragrance and interest, add one of the many scented climbing roses. Such a combination is a delight to stroll by in any garden. For the ground, you could opt for a row of lavender to line a pathway to give lovely relaxing scent.

How about creating a relaxing seating area hidden in a corner of your garden; your very own private oasis where you can relax? Fragrant planting in such an area can really heighten the pleasure of such an oasis from where you can simply enjoy being in your garden. Choose a sunny spot, as mostwwwgardendesignercouk-35.JPG scent producing plants prefer that aspect. If the seat has a trellis pergola over it then go for a scented climber like the Honeysuckle or the richly fragrant Jasminum officinale to grow over it. Around the base of the seating area go for scented plants such as Rosemary, Violet and Pinks. For summer evening fragrance go for the Tobacco plant.

I really love the heady scent of Lilies, and I feel that they are best grown in pots as this will help keep them away from slugs and snails that like to chew at the new shoots. Also by having these plants in pots you can move them to other areas if need be.

Various shrubs can certainly pack a punch in the fragrance department like for example the strong perfume of the Mock orange, Philadelphus. One wall shrub, which I personally love, is the Cytisus battandieri with its delightful pineapple scented bright yellow flowers.

So go on, plant some fragrant scented flowers and enjoy the sweet aromas of summer.


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