June… Just June…

June 22, 2012

dscf0028.jpgIf May is my favourite month, then June has definitely got to be my second favourite. With the days at their longest and the garden blooming, spending evenings relaxing outside with various scents wafting in the air is a joy to experience.

The glory of the garden really gathers pace now as we enter the summer months and all the gardening work we’ve been doing should now be paying off.

The nation’s favourite flower, the rose will now be blooming and flower borders can now be full with campanulas, delphiniums, dianthus, irises, oriental poppies and violas. To keep your borders flowering all summer long, just take a walk around your garden in the evenings and deadhead any flowers that have gone over and past its best.

One of my favourite flowers blooming around this time of the year is the Oriental poppy with its showy tissue paper-like flowers.

Poppies are quite easy to grow, as they are not too fussy about soil but grow best in full sun and a must for any flower borders. My front garden is a ‘hot border’ of bright colours, and I have double flowered bright orange poppies which really set of the design quite nicely.

As for my own back garden, I have designed it with a soft pastel colour scheme including some soft sugar pink coloured poppies.

Black coloured flowers are becoming increasingly fashionable and I must admit that I find this colour stunning and elegant in a garden.

One particular such plant is the black viola ‘Molly Sanderson’ with its small yellow centre that looks super. Alternatively, you might prefer the Viola tricolour with purple and yellow flowers and a happier face, or ‘Irish Molly’ with its lovely burnt orange coloured and golden yellow flowers.

Hardy geraniums are super to use for any well-drained sunny border and they’re such a versatile plant to use as fillers between the other plants and as ground cover if you have some spaces in your garden now.

Several varieties of hardy geraniums have long flowering periods such as the Geranium G. x riversleaianum ‘Russell Prichard’ with its bright magenta-pink flowers.

Hardy geraniums come in a wide variety of colours from white, to all shades of pink and blues. One particular nice one is ‘Johnson’s Blue’ with its lavender-blue coloured flowers and these really add a special touch to any garden.


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