Jobs In June

June 15, 2012

If you have been busy working in your garden during spring, then you can now slow down a little and enjoy the results of your labour. If you haven’t got around to getting your garden sorted out, the you can still have time this month to catch up with those outstanding chores and then look forward to the summer months for some rest and relaxation in a well-kept garden.

So, lets look at some of the jobs that we can be doing in our gardens during the month of June.

This month you can plant out your summer bedding plants if you haven’t done so yet and do remember to keep them well watered as the weather warms up. This is the month also for finishing planting up hanging baskets, window boxes and tubs and once again, remember to give them regular watering and feeding with a liquid fertiliser.

Lawns will now start to require more frequent mowing and it’s a good idea to raise the blades of your mower to a higher setting during spells of dry weather to prevent it from drying out too much It might also be a good idea to dig out any weeds on your turf or treat them with a spot weed killer. You could also give your lawn a bit of a boost with some liquid feed if it’s looking a bit tired.

The foliage of spring flowering bulbs such as daffodils and tulips can look really untidy and messy around now, but do resist cutting off the leaves as this deprives the bulb of stores of energy and your bulb may not flower next year.

If you had a nice show of early flowering primulas, then now is the time to divide up the clumps and replant them right away into prepared soil so you will even get more colourful flowers next spring.

Regular deadheading of faded flowers will be regular task throughout the summer months, as this will extend the flowering period of your plant. By deadheading, your plant won’t be wasting its energy by producing seeds and will instead use its energy to produce new growths and flowers.

This month you can prune and train mature deciduous shrubs that have finished flowering like deutzia, forsythias, lilac, philadelphus and weigela. First remove any dead or diseased growths and then cut out the old thick wood. You’ll find that this will give you lots of new shoots next year, which in turn will produce more flowers.

How about growing some fresh herbs to use in your cooking or to throw onto the barbecue to add flavour to any summer meal? If you haven’t got the room in your garden then you can quite easily grown some herbs in pots or containers on the patio or even on a sunny facing window ledge and you’ll be able to harvest them fresh whenever you need. Go on, give it a go.

Trailing strawberries or trailing tomatoes are also fun to grow in hanging baskets or from pots that have the planting holes in, grow these in a sunny spot and then pick off fresh when ripened.

There’s plenty to do this month. If you’re a beginner and haven’t really had the courage to try some gardening before, then give it a go this month and start off with some of these ideas.


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