May It Always Be My Favourite Time Of The Year…

May 29, 2012

gardenblog76.jpg Undoubtedly May is my favourite time of year in the gardening calendar. It is the loveliest month in the garden as a lot of plants are putting on a splendid show of new growth, blooms, scent and colour.

With lovely warm long days everything is really doing well, but if you still find you have gaps in your borders or you simply want to add more colour to the garden, then around this time of year you have a wide range of wonderful colourful bedding plants to chose. For example, how about adding Geraniums, Busy Lizzies, Salvias, Petunias and Pelargoniums to really brighten up any gaps in your garden?

If you have woodland near you, then take a visit and see nature’s blue carpet of bluebells, which is so beautiful around this time of year. Also see the stunning Rhododendrons and Azaleas with their incredible range of colours from vivid pinks, purples, vibrant reds, oranges and yellows to softer pinks and lilacs. If you are tempted to buy a Rhododendron from the garden centre then remember that it favours acid soil, so it would be best to keep it in a large pot or container with ericaceous compost.

One of favourite climbers is the wisteria, which you will find blossoming now with its cascading waterfall-like pendent fragrant flowers in lilac-mauve or white. Grow this climber on a sunny wall, on a strong pergola or into a tree to give support to this showy climber.

One shrub that has a gorgeous pretty blue colour this time of year is the Ceanothus.

Grow it with a pink Clematis montana next to it or even scrambled through it and you’ll find that this pretty comnination will certainly give colour to any bare part of your garden.

If it’s scent you want for around this month then the heavenly rich fragrance of lilacs is fabulous. This shrub and tree comes in a variety of colours; from white, pink, almost red to magenta, lilac to purple or blue. If you only have a small garden then there are some species that will not grow too big such as the neat habit of the Syrina mircrophylla ‘Superba’.

The Peony is a favourite flower found in many old gardens, and this flower always reminds me of traditional English gardens. They are grown for their large showy blowsy blooms, which are often sweetly scented and have interesting foliage.

This is certainly the month for getting out and about, not just in your garden, but also visiting public gardens and woodlands for a display of nature’s abundance around this time of the year.


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