Shoreline Furniture

May 6, 2012

I recently came into contact with Martin Scorey and his range of Shoreline Furniture via an exhibition in Lyndhurst arranged by Angelico Creative

As you know, I simply love driftwood furniture and accents and Martin makes the most exceptional pieces.

From a wide range of furniture, to decorative accents for you home and garden, Martin’s artistic talents turn seemingly ordinary driftwood into unique and exceptional pieces that could grace any home or garden.

From chairs to tables to cupboards and more, you’re bound to find something at Martin Scorey’s Shoreline Furniture to delight you.

More Details:
Martin Scorey is an exceptional craftsman who produces innovative Driftwood furniture using

Martin, who initially trained in traditional boat building skills, has been established since 1977 and over the years has developed a long list of loyal clients.

To satisfy the strong tide of requests for private commissions Shoreline Furniture was established and continues to fulfil the growing demand for original and memorable furniture that blends the traditional with the modern tastes of today.

Visit Shoreline Furniture At www.shorelinefurniture.co.uk


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