A Sense Of Gardening…

April 11, 2012

dscf0015.jpgYou might remember my post entitled  “The Sensory Garden” and it’s one of my most popular posts. So I thought I’d write another posting about how our gardens can help soothe, stimulate and perhaps even help heal our senses.

When I am designing gardens, I’m constantly thinking of the fact of making and creating the garden as an area to be a ‘stress free zone’; a place where a person can chill out and enjoy nature.

In this fast moving stressful life of today the garden can be a real sanctuary, and your own little bit of oasis to escape to.

Believe it or not the garden can actually promote healing, it is a proven fact that hospital patients recover more quickly when they have a view of a garden.

Plants can give us so much pleasure and can bring enjoyment and delight to our five senses. Fresh herbs from the garden add wonderful natural flavours to our taste buds together with the delight of enjoying fresh home-grown fruit and vegetables. The joy of colour in the garden can be uplifting and therapeutically.

Soothing sounds can be added to the garden like the refreshing sounds of running water or the gentle tinkling sound of a small wind chime. Nature’s sound of the wind blowing through the leaves of trees and shrubs can be claiming together with the gentle rustling sound of Bamboos and grasses. Creating sound within the garden can be really soothing and play a very useful part in distracting us from the outside noises of city life.

There are plants which are a joy to touch, various textures can surprise and delight us, like woolly soft leaves of the Stachys byzantina also known as Bunnies’ Ears or Lamb’s Tongue never fails to stop me to touch it. Also joy of rubbing the foliage of certain plants so as they release their aromatic scent and my favourite is the Phlomis fruticosa that has soft downy fruity scented leaves.

Scent plays important part in a garden as it can stimulate memory and enhance our moods. There are so many wonderfully perfumed flowers like the richly fragrant Jasminum officinale or the Lonicera japonica, Honeysuckle, plant these next to a patio or seating area so you can enjoy the wafts of scents.

So chill out and enjoy awakening your five senses to the garden.


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