Brewmatic Coffee Makers Saving Space In Your Kitchen

April 10, 2012

Anything that saves me time, money and space gets my vote and this great space-saver by Brewmatic certainly gets my seal of approval.

These coffee makers from Brewmatic can be installed on the underside of your kitchen cabinets allowing your coffee pot to take up a lot less space without the machine having to take up space on your work surface too.

Not only practical, but stylish too. Don’t you agree?

Specifications Include:
* Programmable digital clock/timer with auto on function – set at night and wake up to the invigorating smell of fresh brewed coffee.
* Three adjustable brew volume options including Full Brew, Half Brew and Quarter Brew.
* Ideal for commuters and single cup drinkers, brew directly into a travel mug for on-the-go convenience.
* Unique brewing systems assures coffee is brewed at optimum temperatures to release the coffee’s full flavor, delivering the perfect cup.
* An instant source of hot water for teas, hot chocolate, cereals and soups
* Innovative under the cabinet installation saves counter space
* Commercial grade internal components deliver years of trouble free service
* B.I.C.A.’s sleek stainless steel finish accents any décor
* Designed for use in home, office, boat or RV
* No warmer needed when brewing into one of the optional insulated servers (also available from

For More Information Visit www.brewmatic.com



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