Glass… Designed By Kate Hume… Inspired By Nature…

April 8, 2012

I just can’t help it, but I love homestyle accents designed with nature being the inspiration and you can’t ignore the fact that these wonderful glass accents by Kate Hume are certainly inspired by nature.

I love these, I really do and with names like Rose, Gem, Cactus and so on, I would, wouldn’t I?

Kate’s glasswork plays with and teases light in such a magical way and I’m more than happy to feature her work here.

More Info About Kate Hume

Kate Hume has been designing and styling in various mediums for twenty years – from fashion to film sets and interiors in Europe and the USA.

An enduring interest in glass as a medium led to the design and production of a small collection of unique pieces in 1999.

Working alongside renowned glass craftsmen in the Netherlands, the group Rock/Pebble was created.
Comprising organic free-flowing shapes in jewel bright colours, the collection was launched successfully at 100% Design in London in 1999 – and instigated a huge trend for organic forms in glass.

See More Of Kate’s Work At



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