Bending The Rules Of Garden Design

April 5, 2012

Once you learn the rules of garden designing, you can create some interesting effects by not only bending these rules, but also by breaking them…

With some imagination, inspiration and sometimes a little perspiration, you can change your garden into an outdoor room where you’ll want to spend more time during the coming summer months.

Remember that you don’t have to do it all at once as you can spend just a few weekends transforming an ordinary garden into something very special indeed.

Let’s look at some basic rules that you can use to get you started with designing your garden.

First of all, make a list of all the essential things that you have to have in your garden like a washing line, an area for your dustbins, shed for storage and so on. Then list all the desirable things that you want to have in your garden like a patio for instance, a water feature, maybe a herb garden or vegetable beds.

The second step is to measure the garden and draw the outline of the garden including any features that will remain such as sheds, trees or any existing pathways or patio area. Also draw in the outline of the property with the doors and windows so you can take into account the new view out from them. By putting your plan on paper like this will give you a clearer direction of what you would like to achieve and help you avoid costly mistake.

Take into account the different aspects of the garden, like where the morning sun starts and where is the sun in the afternoon and evening and also which part of the garden is in deep shade. It’s a good idea to design a seating area in your garden where you can enjoy a morning cuppa in the morning sun – a perfect way to start the day in any garden. With regards to entertaining in the evening sun, plan your patio area accordingly.

After you’ve drawn up your garden plan to scale, a good idea is to put tracing paper over the top of your garden’s plan and then to start sketching over it with your designs and ideas.

Remember it’s your garden, so give your imagination free rein and try and bend the rules a little.




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