April… Sweet April!

April 4, 2012

Gardening certainly gets into full swing during this month of April!

Although we’d like more sunshine and less showers during the month of April, the plants in our gardens do thrive on rain to help them look their best. So with the better weather on the way, what could be nice than pottering around in the garden on a nice warm spring day?

Around this time of the year, many gardens, including mine, will benefit with some spring-cleaning to get things into some order ready for the summer.

One job that can be done around this time is to clear off the moss on many of our patios and pathways. It’s surprising how the whole garden can suddenly look a lot better just by doing this simple job. Just a pressure washer or a hose is all you need with a hard bristle broom to eliminate any unsightly moss.

Another way to get to your garden looking a lot better quickly, is to tidy up any woodwork, such as fencing, decking, sheds and trellis as these willdscf0143.jpg probably need a lick of wood preserve to smarten it them up and prolong the life span.

Also during April, if you’re lucky enough to have a greenhouse, then it’s a good time to give it a good wash down. Clean the glass well to allow maximum light in and a good clean on the inside will promote good hygiene and help keep away pests and diseases.

This month you’ll notice that the lawn will need some attention after the wet months of winter and many of our lawns will now have moss growing among the grass. This moss needs to be removed as it will smother out the grass and prevent surface drainage for the lawn. I prefer the organic approach to eradicating the moss is to simply rake it out with a lawn rake.

As well as getting rid of the moss on your lawn, it’s also a good idea to improve your lawn’s drainage to allow water to get down to the roots were it’s most needed. To do this push a gardening fork in about four to six inches randomly around the lawn giving it a jiggle, this will also help with aeration, also don’t forget to hand dig out any weeds that could spoil the lawn too.

Later in April or even early in May it might also be a good idea to use a spring fertiliser which you can apply to your lawn, once again to promote good healthy growth.

If you find all this isn’t giving you the result you want and your lawn is still beyond salvation then use the time this month to sow a new lawn or lay some new turf as the April showers will water in the new grass.

The month of April is a great time to generally tidy up flower borders and once you’ve weeded, then put down a nice thick layer of mulch on the soil as this’ll save you back-breaking weeding work later on in the season.

With the bank holidays approaching many of us will be taking trips to garden centres. So if you have spring-cleaned your garden then you’ll find it easier to see where the gaps are in garden and exactly where it could do with some more interest.

Just one bit of advice for shopping at garden centres; don’t be tempted to just buy plants that are all flowering now, try also to plan ahead and think about having flowering colour interest for the other months to come in the year.




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