Eclipse Poolside Seating

March 6, 2012

eclipse-1.jpgHave you ever been on one of those holidays where some of the inconsiderate guests at your hotel get up early, claim their stake by putting their towels on the most sought after sun beds around the pool and then don’t bother using their sun beds until the later afternoon, if at all?

While other guests have to make do with the sun beds in the most unshaded parts of poolside, the “sun bed hijackers” nonchalantly turn up poolside after their excursion well after the hottest part of the day and claim their “territory”.

Well, if you’re staying in a hotel with poolside sun beds like pictured here,eclipse-3.jpg then I doubt if “sun bed” hijackers are the type of guests who’ll be staying at your hotel.

On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to own your own pool big enough to accommodate these wonderfully designed poolside seats from UK Mark Gabbertas‘ design studio, then you probably don’t need to go away on holiday when you can simply chill out around your own poolside…

… I know I wouldn’t!

For more details about Eclipse poolside seating and other seating designs from the studio of Mark Gabbertas, a visit his website at www.gabbertas.com

Outdoor ‘relaxer’ in woven fibre, with canopy, footstool and side table.
Designed for Gloster Furniture.


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