Nature Inspired Decor From Vivaterra

March 4, 2012

stool.jpgI have a real penchant for furniture and interior accessory designs that integrate my love for the outdoor space around my home together with my interior designs.

Without detracting too much from the character of the designs of the interior rooms in my home, I like to have a well-placed accessory here, a piece of furniture there and so on, just to accent the views to my outside garden, or as I like to call it, my “outside room”.

Not only do I love furniture and homestyle accessories with a natural look, preferably made from sustainable and natural materials, but I also love such furniture and homestyle accessories where the material may not necessarily be from natural products, but where the look and design itself has obviously been inspired by nature.

Finding such nature inspired products isn’t always easy and I get such a thrill when I come across a company that designs or makes such homestylepears1.jpg items.

That’s why I’ve added vivaterra.com with their plethora of nature inspired decor accents, furniture and more to my list of mood board “inspirers”.

Not only are Vivaterra’s designs stylish, elegant and evocative of the natural environment, but seem reasonably priced too.

If you’re considering adding touches of the outdoor natural world to your indoor environment and want to be inspired too, then visit vivaterra.com to see their catalogue of their own inimitable furniture, accessories, accents and a whole lot more.

Visit Vivaterra at www.vivaterra.com


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