Vases From Realm Dékor

February 26, 2012

koralvase.jpgFrom my recent posting entitled “Flowers Indoors” you can probably tell that I’m all for “bringing the outside in” to our homes and creating an blend between the interior of our homes and the exterior to our gardens.

That’s why I love having plants and flowers inside my house, although sometimes it’s all too easy to take our indoor plants for granted and plant them in uninspiring looking containers.

These exquisite planters from Realm Dékor could quite well be considered as style accents by themselves, but when planted up they give a whole new vibe to having plants around the house.orbvase.jpg

Even just a single stem of a flower can be transformed into something special in one of these planters from Realm Dékor

Combining Japanese minimalism together with a contemporary style, these range of planters add such a touch of elegance to any home that there’s really no excuse for not “bringing the outside in” and turning a plant or even a single stemmed flower into a work of art in itself.

For more information on these planters and other products from
Realm Dékor

visit www.realmdekor.com

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