Home Spa Entertainment Taken To The “Extreme”

February 20, 2012

spa1.jpgIn my last posting I featured an innovative bargain product and so I thought I’d feature something more extravagant for this posting.

If you have a passion for spas…

… if you have the space…

… and of course if you have the cash, then why not splash out (pun totally intended) on a luxury spa from Coast Spas?

This particular model, the Extreme, seats up to 8 people while letting you bathe, listen to music and also watch your favourite movie all from the comfort of a luxurious spa.

The Extreme flaunts a built-in 17-inch LCD display, Sony Stereo System, DVD player, Bose controls for the stereo, 45/80 jets, and an obligatoryspa2.jpg towel-warmer.

As well as featuring all the multimedia gadgetry the unit also features an array of lights both underwater as well as on the surface which nicely sets the mood…

… lovely…

Available in various finishes, this spa from Coast Spas must be the ultimate in home spa entertainment.

Do I have a passion for spas? Of course I do.

Do I have the space? Not quite.

… and as for the cash…

… hmm… well, I can dream… can’t I?

Visit Coast Spas for their delicious range of luxurious home spas and spa entertainment centres.

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